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Serving Trays/Cheese Boards

Our serving trays/cheese or bread boards enhance the natural designs of cherry, maple, and walnut.  Make a lovely addition to kitchen and dining room decor. 


Asymmetrical Ambrosia and Spalted Maple Boards with Walnut Inlays

A variety of shapes and sizes with asymmetrical inlays.  Pair with a walnut cheese knife. 

Asymmetrical Cherry and Maple Boards 

A variety of shapes, sizes, and inlays featuring cherry and maple designs.


Spalted and Ambrosia Maple Bread and Cheese Boards

Beautful spalted or ambrosia maple with inset handles with a wrap-around peek of these fabulous grain designs.


Ambrosia Maple Bread and Cheese Boards

Asymmetrical walnut inlays complement the wormy figures of ambrosia maple.


Variety of Small Cheese Board and Knife Sets Featuring Cherry, Curly Maple, Sapele, Walnut, and Ambrosia Maple Woods

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